Difficulties with understanding


Ardent ally just cannot understand it.

She made it about her? Really? I missed that – I didn’t think it was about her at all, but rather about reality.

Let’s see it again.

No, I was right – it’s not about her at all. It’s about this subject a lot of us have been talking about – are women women, or is it actually men who are women. It’s not about her; she doesn’t even use the first-person pronoun except in the hashtag.

I guess by “made it about her” Comerford means she said it while famous. Ok but then does he object when “Caitlyn” Jenner says things? Does he object when Jenner appears on the cover of Vanity Fair in a bathing suit age 66? I bet he doesn’t.

And then this business of “a great ruling for trans people” – what about the women whose rights are being taken away? Why does that part not give him any pause?

And then, “the abject cruelty” – it’s not cruelty to say that men are not women. It just isn’t.

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