Good morning, this is the police

You have got to be kidding.

The police. PHONING. Phoning to tell you your “online activity” has “caused offense.”

What blog post?

Let’s read it, to see if we can find what “caused offense” and of what type the caused “offense” was.

It starts with a tweet.

It goes on to point out that cadavers are easy to sex.

If a transgender person’s body was dissected, either for medical education or a post-mortem examination, his or her sex would also be obvious to a student or pathologist. Not the sex that he or she chose to present as, but his or her natal sex; the sex that he or she was born with. Even when a body has been buried for a very long time, so that there is no soft tissue left, only bone, it is still possible to identify the sex. DNA and characteristics such as the shape of the pelvis will be clear proof of the sex of the corpse. Any surgery that had been intended to make someone appear different from his or her biological sex, the sex they were born with, will make no difference. It will still be obvious. There is a very small number of people who are described as intersex, because their anatomy isn’t typical of a male or female, but their existence doesn’t validate the claim that a man can be a woman or vice versa. They are very different from transgender people. So no, in life or in death, trans women are not women, no matter how many times you say it’s so. It’s simply impossible to change your sex.

It’s a factual question, not a political one, yet we keep being told it is factual (see the tweet from Sammy68). And the police call Margaret Nelson on the phone to tell her that her factual statements have “caused offense.” It’s both ludicrous and terrifying.

Mind you the police did later tell her it was just to “raise awareness.” But to what end? The police don’t normally call us up to tell us somebody disliked one of our tweets or blog posts, so why this time? Why? Why? Why? What red flag is up in what bureaucracy that warns police departments all over the UK that they have to be hypervigilant about perceived “offense” in blog posts and tweets about whether or not men can become women?

Funny how the police never phone up the angry men who target feminist women for days and weeks and months on end.

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