GOP lawmakers would see the error of their ways

Biden’s red-hot New Idea is to run as The Guy Who Can Work With Republicans. People who know anything about Republicans think he’s doolally.

Joe Biden insists that congressional Republicans will work with him once he’s elected president but no one, let alone [especially] those who worked with Biden in the last administration, actually believes him.

The former vice president’s latest promise of a forthcoming wave of bipartisan cooperation came on Monday night, when he told a crowd of fundraisers in Washington D.C. that he believed that when Donald Trump left office, GOP lawmakers would see the error of their ways.  “[T]hese folks know better,” he explained. “They know this isn’t what they’re supposed to be doing.”

Uh huh, and Donald Trump is really a nice guy at heart.

The line echoed comments that Biden reflects a strategy he’s adopted to appeal to voters as a throwback to a less divisive era and is based on the belief that the rest of the political establishment will join him there.

But veterans of the Obama administration say that Biden is either being naive or is willfully selling voters on a political fairytale.

“Fuck no,” one senior Obama aide said when asked if Republicans would be willing to work with a hypothetical President Biden.

Yep, I’m with “Fuck no” here. Republicans may know this isn’t “what they’re supposed to be doing”, but they sure as hell don’t care. They don’t take any kind of ethical view of the matter; they take a “give us all the power forever” view of it.

“Right on,” Ben Labolt, Obama’s 2012 campaign press secretary, said sarcastically of Biden’s call to renew bipartisan cooperation. “Mitch McConnell and [Rep.] Mark Meadows will rush to form the Woke Caucus. And Nelson Rockefeller will be revived from his grave.”

The legislative collaborations that Biden is best known for are not particularly popular among Democratic activists. And the deals he hashed out with McConnell—first to extend the Bush era tax cuts in exchange for stimulative tax measures, the second to extend many of those tax cuts even further while paving the way for large spending cuts—are often regarded as progressive low points of the Obama era; so much so that, to this day, Senate Republicans revel in them.

“Vote for me,” says Joe, “I can work with the Republicans, so that they get to slash taxes on the rich and I get to…say I can work with them.”

“It’s either delusional or dishonest,” said Adam Jentleson, who served as Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s deputy chief of staff during the last two years of the Obama administration. “Republicans reaped enormous gains from their obstruction, like securing the balance of the Supreme Court for a generation or more. They know obstruction works and they will eat Biden’s lunch while he reminisces about the good old days.”

Well, but at least little girls will learn that they’re fuck toys and nothing else.

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