He then threw Perry into the mix

Breaking news: it wasn’t Trump’s idea at all, it was Rick Perry’s!

President Trump told House Republicans that he made his now infamous phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the urging of Energy Secretary Rick Perry — a call Trump claimed he didn’t even want to make.

Behind the scenes: Trump made these comments during a conference call with House members on Friday, according to 3 sources on the call.

  • Per the sources, Trump rattled off the same things he has been saying publicly — that his call with Zelensky was “perfect”and he did nothing wrong.
  • But he then threw Perry into the mix and said something to the effect of: “Not a lot of people know this but, I didn’t even want to make the call. The only reason I made the call was because Rick asked me to. Something about an LNG [liquified natural gas] plant,” one source said, recalling the president’s comments. 2 other sources confirmed the first source’s recollection.

Well that completely changes everything. It wasn’t his idea, plus he’s a great guy who does what people ask him to do because he’s such a great guy. Heart as big as all outdoors!

Trump also said he would be talking about this a lot more in the coming days. I just bet he will. Dude doesn’t believe in saying things once; dude believes in saying things a billion times.

The proliferating explanations and justifications are the object of mirth on Twitter.

Walter Shaub:

Rick Perry, puppet master. Also, no puppet. He made me make the call, which I didn’t want to make for obvious reasons. Also the call was fine, it was perfect. This is all made up, a hoax. They made it up. But it was perfect. And Perry made me do it. Is it, um, hot in here?

Brian Klaas:

This is that hilariously depressing moment in Trump scandals when the sycophants who have been claiming it was a “perfect call” now switch to saying it was Rick Perry’s fault. Logical consistency just isn’t a part of the Trump universe.

Judd Legum:

Trump says his call with the Ukrainian President was “perfect” and he did absolutely nothing wrong and also he didn’t want to do the call and the whole thing is Rick Perry’s fault.

Peter Gleick:

Day 1. It never happened.
Day 2. Maybe it happened.
Day 3. It wasn’t me.
Day 4. Yes, it was me but it wasn’t wrong.
Day 5. I’d do it again, and ask China too.
Day 6. Rick Perry made me do it.

Jeet Heer:

Trump: This is bad.
Pence: We’re fucked.
Pompeo: We need a fall guy
Pence: But who?
Pompeo: It has to be some really stupid.
Trump: Don Jr.?
Pompeo: No. Someone in loop. Someone really stupid.
Everyone: Rick Perry!!!!

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