Hooray for war crimes?

Oh, this is ugly.

President Donald Trump on Monday granted a pardon to a former first lieutenant in the US Army who was sentenced to prison in 2009 for killing an Iraqi detainee, according to the White House.

Behenna deployed to Iraq in 2007, according to The Washington Post. The following year, two soldiers and friends of Behenna were killed in a roadside explosion and he was on the scene, the newspaper reports.

Shortly after the soldiers’ death, there was an intelligence report saying then-Iraqi operative Ali Mansur possibly helped organize the explosion, the Post reports.

Mansur was interrogated but then freed, the Post reported, because the military did not have conclusive evidence tying him to the explosion.

Less than a month later, Behenna went to interrogate Mansur on his own, without authorization, stripped Mansur naked and shot him twice, according to the Post.

Behenna left the body and didn’t tell anyone, and the next day Iraqi police found Mansur’s body, the Post reported.

According to the report, Behenna maintained he acted in self-defense.

Military prosecutors told the jury at his 2009 court-martial that they believed Behenna killed Mansur to avenge the loss of the two soldiers, according to the Post.

Pardoning war crimes now. What next – Medal of Freedom for Lieutenant Calley?

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