Imagine for a moment

This is not a good argument.

It’s not a good argument because, first, any minority group? But that could be rapists, or psychopaths, or serial killers, or greedy landlords who don’t make repairs (hello Jared Kushner!), or members of the KKK. Being part of a minority group doesn’t automatically make people right about everything. And second because the trans lobby is in fact a special case, so swapping in for instance “feminist lobby pressure” wouldn’t do the work Stop Funding Hate wants it to do. The trans lobby does in fact apply fierce pressure to everyone it can reach to accept and echo and flatter the dogma about what it is to be trans.

I’ll quote again a bit from that Guardian piece that I quoted from yesterday:

Evans said that since his resignation he had become concerned that the debate around transitioning had been shut down by a vocal minority. “The mind that is free to think or ask difficult questions is treated as a real threat; TV producers and journalists continually report that while people are willing to speak in confidence to them about their reservations about treatment in these areas, they shy away from being named, for fear of being accused of being bigoted and transphobic and sometimes either disciplined or even sacked for speaking their mind.”

Emphasis added. We know that’s not a foolish or empty fear; we know it happens. We just saw it happen to another blog at Freethought Blogs earlier in the week. We saw it happen to the Vancouver Public Library, told it can’t be part of Pride because it allowed Meghan Murphy to give a talk in its building. We know it happens. The allegation is not a false one.

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