In case you need some pointers

The state of this.

Graham Linehan was not cautioned. The police came by for a chat because a couple of the usual Robespierres told them to.

This kind helpful fella even offers the aspiring Robespierres a model email they can send to the police about a guy having opinions on the internet.

Just imagine calling it “mutilation” to cut off healthy breasts or penises. “Gender confirmation surgery” is the correct ScienTific term and not at all loaded or political or shaped by a particular ideological fantasy. Similarly it is “height confirmation surgery” to have one’s healthy head or legs cut off.

And that nonsense is his only substantive point, the rest of it is all “inappropriate” and [unspecified] “harm” and “deserve” and “urge.” Censorship used to be made of sterner stuff.

An hour later, absurdly, he complained that Linehan had noticed.

Yes, it’s “a sad case” to notice some goon tweeting lies about you, but not at all a sad case to tweet lies about people in an effort to get tv networks to shun them.

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