It’s not subtext any more

Department of There Are Sick Fuckers Out There:

What is the “it” that leads to violence, medical mistreatment, and suicide? I guess it’s fanatical TERFitude that slows the progress of normalization of trans and nb people. So, women arguing that however marginalized trans people may be, it still doesn’t follow that men are literally in every sense women, and that women too are marginalized and abused and need to be able to continue to name that oppression – arguing that leads to violence, medical mistreatment, and suicide? Is that right? What is the chain of causation? Do the kind of people who are violent toward trans people spend a lot of time following feminist arguments? Is there any evidence that they do? Any at all?

But never mind, the hipster rebbe has bigger accusations to make.

So there it is spelled out, which is unusual. The hipster rebbe is saying that feminist women are “pursuing” trans people in order to kill them or do harm, and that therefore it is “permissible to stop them by any means necessary,” which of course includes murder. This hipster dude is saying it’s permissible to murder feminist women who argue that women need to be able to keep the word “women” to describe ourselves and the subordination we are subject to. He’s saying go ahead and kill us, because it’s “permissible.”

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