Socialists! Abortion! Other random distraction!

Republicans are rushing to condemn Trump’s racism no just kidding they’re amplifying it.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) on Tuesday responded to President Donald Trump’s racist tweets by suggesting that Democrats are baby killers if they support abortion.

Non sequitur much?

At a press conference at the Capitol, Republican leaders — including Cheney — refused to condemn Trump’s tweets which suggested that four Democratic congresswomen of color should go back to their home country even though all four are American citizens.

Instead of calling the tweets racists, Cheney branded Democratic congresswomen Ilhan Omar (MN), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Ayanna Pressley (MA) and Rashida Tlaib (MI) as “socialists.”

Additionally, Cheney called the Democratic congresswomen “racist.”

She asserted that the congresswomen were “wrong that any individual seat at the table is only valuable, only legitimate if that person espouses some pre-approved set of beliefs deemed appropriate based on their religion, gender or race.”

And they’ve claimed that where, exactly? Don’t let the truth slow you down.

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