The courtesy and humor

Rod Rosenstein has sent his resignation letter, complete with a lot of flattery of the Mob Boss-in-chief.

The deputy attorney general, who has run the Justice Department’s day-to-day operations for most of the Trump presidency, submitted his resignation to the White House on Monday. The letter said he will stay on until May 11.

In the letter, Rosenstein thanked President Donald Trump—who once retweeted a picture of him behind bars—for “the courtesy and humor you often display in our personal conversations.”


Rosenstein also made what appears to be a vague allusion to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. “Our nation is safer, our elections are more secure, and our citizens are better informed about covert foreign influence efforts and schemes to commit fraud, steal intellectual property, and launch cyberattacks,” he wrote.

Safer and more secure than what? Than they were before Trump parked his ass in the White House? Don’t be ridiculous.

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