The White House abruptly nixed the move

In other news – Trump does another disgusting thing.

For the first time in years, the United Nations’ committee on racism will not contain anyone from the U.S.

According to a report from POLITICO on Saturday, the White House blocked the renomination of human rights lawyer Gay McDougall, who had served on the committee since 2015. The White House has not announced why it failed to renominate McDougall, or why it opted not to nominate anyone else to the 18-member commission. POLITICO reported that State Department officials had already informed McDougall that she would be renominated before the White House abruptly nixed the move.

NOPE. No American on any stinkin’ international commission on racism on his watch. America was born in racism and grew up in racism, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

McDougall, who was originally nominated by former president Barack Obama, is widely regarded as an expert on international human rights. She has recently spent much of her time highlighting the ongoing plight of Uighurs and other Muslim populations in western China, where an estimated 1 million or more Muslims are currently held in internment camps and forced to praise the Chinese Communist Party.

Well there’s your problem right there. Trump loves China, or at least Xi, or at least he’s under the delusion that Xi loves him and wants to help him. Trump also hates Muslims, all Muslims, liberal and theocratic equally, so he doesn’t want any US reps investigating their plight in his buddy’s country.

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