“They choose their own identity”

Formulas. Speaking in formulas. Speaking in dopy unreasonable unexamined formulas. It doesn’t make for good thinking.

Of course “trans men and non-binary individuals” are human beings. That’s not in question and never has been. Shouting that they’re human beings is answering a question that was never asked.

But as for “they choose their own identity” – that’s where the mindless formulas fall apart. We don’t get to “choose our own identity” in every sense. We can choose the aspects that are subject to choice, and not the others. We don’t get to choose to be raccoons or toothbrushes or planets. We can pretend to be those things, if we like, but we can’t literally choose to be those things or billions of other things like them.

“Identity” is a very baggy word, and it has become more baggy than ever with the new move to claim that sex is a matter of identity as opposed to material fact. It’s being used as a kind of magic wand to entitle people to claim to be something they’re not and physically can’t be, and the results are turning out to be less than salubrious.

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