Threaten until they shut it down

Another gender-discussion event shut down (“postponed”) by people making threats:

An Edinburgh University event discussing how gender issues are taught in Scotland’s schools has been cancelled amid claims that the safety of women speakers and attendees was at risk.

The research seminar on schools and gender diversity, organised by the university’s Institute for Education, Teaching and Leadership, was due to be held next week, but despite plans for increased security staff, the event has been postponed.

Organisers had arranged the event in light of the Scottish Government’s plan to produce new schools guidance on supporting transgender pupils, after it announced that previous advice, written by charity LGBT Youth, was to be replaced as it risked “potentially excluding other girls from female-only spaces”.

What “other girls”? Which kind? Actual girls, or boys who identify as girls?

The event was set to discuss what the new guidance should look like and how “curricula, pedagogies, pastoral care and safeguarding practices” should be developed to ensure all children and young people can “interrogate gender norms whilst ensuring that gender-nonconforming and transgender-identifying pupils are safe, supported and included in schools”.

But the terms of current trans dogma have made it impossible to do both those things. Feminist girls are not allowed under the terms of that dogma to “interrogate gender norms” because doing so is instantly and threateningly branded “transphobic” just as this event has been.

However, the event was branded “transphobic” by the university’s Staff Pride Network which wrote to management in an attempt to have it stopped. In a blog members of the Network said the seminar would have a “harmful impact” on the “trans and non-binary community at the University.”

One of the Network’s members, Dr Katie Nicoll Baines, also urged EventBrite, the online ticketing site, to take the seminar from its website, claiming on Twitter that it was “actively platforming speakers with a history of transphobic hate speech” and encouraged people to register for the event, to prevent genuine attendees from being able to get tickets.

See? We’re not allowed to question gender norms, it’s only trans people and their “allies” who are allowed to do that. If we persist they will simply shut us down. Feminism has been eliminated and trans dogma has taken its place.

Yesterday, a source at the University said the organisers had originally tried to invite LGBT and transgender organisations to take part “to look at what research is telling us and find a way forward”, but they had refused to “share a platform” with the other speakers.

“Then there was an attempt to sabotage the event through the ticketing system, and the university management were asked to get involved but they did not do so. The organisers were told that there was going to be too hostile an environment to hold the event and while there would be nine security guards they couldn’t guarantee the safety of speakers or attendees – most of whom would likely be women – which is pretty terrifying.

“It has made many women academics feel unsafe on campus and that they are on their own.”

Feminist women are the oppressors now. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Members of the University’s Staff Pride Network had previously resigned en-masse because the women’s rights event went ahead, but the organisation has since relaunched.

In its blog on the now-postponed event, it says: “The Staff Pride Network Committee are relieved the event is not going ahead at this time and we are working with the University to provide a safe, inclusive environment for ALL staff and students to work and study.”

No, not all. Not feminist women. The Staff Pride Network Committee are working hard to exclude feminist women from any kind of safe inclusive environment.

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