Use it or else

A lot of people are passing around this bit of genius:

Would you like to try our Lobster Special today?

All-caps all you like, but that doesn’t magically make your claims true.

“Cis” just means you identify with the sex you were assigned at birth, she tells us. Yes, we know, and that’s why we reject the word. I don’t “identify with the sex I was assigned at birth.” I just am it, that’s all. It’s simply a fact. I don’t “identify with” it or embrace it or glory in it or anything else along those lines, I just have the humdrum normal awareness of the fact of it. It is what it is, as we so often hear about pretty much everything except what sex we are. It is what it is. We’re vertebrates, we’re mammals, we’re primates, we’re great apes. Those are all names, or labels, of course, but the criteria for them are specific and well known. What sex we are is like that. It’s not subjective, it’s not a feeling, it’s not like the soul, it’s not Spiritual.

I don’t identify with it, and I wasn’t “assigned” it. I understand that it’s A FLIPPING WORD but all words are that, and we’re allowed to say some of them are inaccurate or tendentious or venomous or any number of other things that cause us to reject them. We’re not required to call ourselves cis or to agree with the confused ideology that tries to impose the word on all of us. Shouting in all caps ain’t gonna change that.

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