The ACLU doesn’t already have enough to do, it seems.

Trans girls are girls, they tell us, superimposed on images of…two women. Not trans, not girls, just women. They’re actors: Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Why is the ACLU telling us “trans girls are girls” with photos of two women?

Maybe the idea is that when we hear or read the phrase “trans girls” (or women? or have we officially reverted to calling women “girls” now, as if it were 1955 again?) we are supposed to visualize… Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. We’re supposed to visualize women, and not just women but young pretty smiling women.

That’s the whole point of women, I guess – being young and pretty and smiling. Women who aren’t any of that are just bitches, or cunts if they’re really ugly and frowny.

And then the slogan – “Trans people belong in sports — and everywhere else.” But what does that mean? Nobody belongs everywhere – other people’s living spaces without consent, to name one category. Very few people belong inside the cockpit of a 747, or an epidemic research lab, or the kitchen of your favorite restaurant.

And more specifically, of course, they want us to understand that slogan to mean it’s fine for men who identify as trans to compete against women and thus deprive them of medals, prizes, scholarships, wins, fairness, equal access, rights, and…in fact…a sense of belonging.

It’s a pack of lies and it’s deeply hostile to women. The ACLU has jumped off a cliff.

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