The dictator dictates:

The White House has blocked Dr Anthony Fauci from testifying to Congress, saying it would be “counterproductive” for the senior member of the White House coronavirus taskforce to talk about the government’s response to the pandemic in a House committee hearing.

“Counterproductive” to whom? What product would Fauci’s testifying be counter to? Why would it be bad for Congress to oversee the Trump administration’s incompetent response to a pandemic that has killed 70 thousand of the country’s people in a few weeks?

On Twitter on Saturday morning, Trump insisted it was safe for the Senate to return to the Capitol.

“Likewise the House, which should return but isn’t because of Crazy Nancy P[elosi],” Trump added. The House speaker has said members should not return next week – in response to guidance from Monahan.

Nearly 200 members of Congress are more vulnerable to serious complications from a Covid-19 infection because they are 65 and older. Pelosi herself is 80. It is unknown how many are also at-risk because of underlying conditions or who live with people who would be at greater risk if they contracted the illness.

McConnell, the Senate majority leader who is requiring senators, staff and US Capitol employees to return on Monday despite Monahan’s recommendations, is doing so in part because of his election-year focus on pushing conservative judicial nominees through the Republican-majority Senate.

A generation of woman-hating judges is well worth a few dead Senators, I guess…but how will McConnell make sure they’re all Democratic Senators?

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