Flat as in shooting up

They’re just lying to Oklahoma to trick everyone into going.

During a White House roundtable meeting called “Fighting for America’s Seniors” on Monday afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence blatantly lied to reporters about the trajectory of COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma, where President Trump is scheduled to hold a large campaign rally on Saturday.

“In a very real sense, they’ve flattened the curve,” Pence claimed of that state. “And today their hospital capacity is abundant, the number of cases in Oklahoma has declined precipitously and we feel very confident going forward with the rally this coming weekend.”

In fact, Oklahoma reported 225 new cases of COVID-19 this past Saturday, its highest one-day total since the pandemic began. On Sunday, Tulsa County reported 89 new cases, the largest single-day increase since the state had its first case on March 6th.

So what’s the very real sense in which they’ve flattened the curve? Is “very real sense” a synonym for “lie”?

That…doesn’t look flat.

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