Guest post: Has the age of castrati returned?

Originally a comment by Papito on The child deals with life by wearing pink and flowers.

The kids with dysphoria or gender confusion almost always grew up to be homosexual adults, not transsexual adults. Transsexual adult males usually weren’t dysphoric when they were kids….

I think they were all gender dysphoric as kids in a retrospective sense. You know, like all of a sudden, as adults, they discovered that they were always gender dysphoric and that’s what their problem was. But you’re right. All of the guys I know who transitioned were nebbishes who weren’t the least bit feminine before transition. Meanwhile, I knew other guys who were seriously swishy as kids and they mostly turned out gay. The idea that someone wants to intervene with these boys and recruit them into this trans cult and castrate them is nothing short of horrifying to me.

It’s not enough to shut down all the lesbian bars and force adult lesbians out of their own spaces. It’s not enough to screw up women’s sports, and try to get rapists into women’s prisons. They have to meddle with the kids. All those little teenage butches being convinced to mutilate themselves, destroy their voices, destroy their health. All those femme boys being sold a fantasy bill of goods. This magic bean will make you into a woman. No, no it won’t. It will only make you into a eunuch. Has the age of castrati returned?

I’m an ecumenical sort of guy. I’m fine with letting all the kinks have their place to play. I’ll even call some bony geek in a skirt “miss” if it makes him happy. But this TRA crap makes everybody else’s life worse. I’m not a lesbian. I’m not a gay man. I’m not a child. I’m not one of the people whose life is most directly threatened by TRA nonsense. But it makes life harder for parents, which I am, and it makes life harder too for people who just don’t want to play the gender game as hard as others seem to. I find it pretentious and twee to refer to oneself as “gender non-conforming,” but I have always looked forward to a future of loosening gender role strictures, where fewer and fewer people care that women are supposed to do or be X, and men are supposed to do or be Y, and this TRA crap is a giant step back from that.

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