Guest post: It is the discursive systems that racialize

Originally a comment by Nullius in Verba on All our fault.

Fun things here:

1) Wokeness/CRT views people as “racialized” rather than being of a particular race. This is neither typo nor poor word choice on her part. Rather, it is exactly the way the woke understand the world: as interacting systems of discourse that impose “race” (among other things) on groups of (not individual) people. It is the discursive systems that racialize. There is nothing, literally nothing, outside of the discourse.

2) White women’s fears drive policing, the economy, and politics. White women are apparently the most powerful force in the nation. Why did the DJIA jump? White women. Why did Trump win? White women. Why did Obama win twice before him? White women. Why did the Civil Rights movement succeed? White women. Why are our taxes what they are? White women. Damn. Being a white woman is fucking awesome!

3) White women’s fears are society’s fears. But if S is one of a society’s fears, then we should expect S to be a fear of most, if not all, people in the society. So S is reasonably a black woman’s fear, a brown woman’s fear, and a white man’s fear.

4) White women’s fears are not real issues. It’s clear that white women are either very stupid or very evil. If they’re afraid of things that aren’t real, then they’re stupid. If they’re not actually afraid of those things but pretend to be while wielding the power mentioned in (2) and (3), then they’re evil.

5) White women’s fears are not the fears we should have. If a white woman is afraid of something, that’s a dead certain indicator that it’s not something to fear. So the next time a white woman expresses fear, know that you’ve just learned something about the world: whatever it is she’s afraid of is perfectly safe.

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