He likes cucumbers

Trump was supposed to be in Georgia to help the Republican candidates in the run-offs for the Senate, but of course he talked exclusively about himself as he always does. He

has held his first political rally since losing the presidential election, delivering an incoherent speech laced with baseless conspiracies theories about election fraud and attacks on Republican state officials in Georgia who have refused to help him subvert the results.

In front of a crowd of thousands of mostly maskless, non-socially distanced supporters in south Georgia, Trump repeatedly claimed, falsely, that he had won the presidential election, and called for those in government with “courage and wisdom” to help him reverse the result.

So Georgia’s COVID numbers will rocket up in about ten days. That’s helpful.

The president read from a prepared list of nonsensical evidence that he said highlighted his victory. This included arguing that by winning the states of Ohio and Florida he had in fact won the entire election, and also that winning an uncontested Republican party primary earlier this year was proof he had won against Biden in November.

He had a prepared list of nonsensical evidence.

I laugh, but then, has he ever had anything else?

Trump vented fury at the Republican governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, a one-time political ally of the president, who has resisted calls to join Trump’s attempts to overturn the result in the state.

“Your governor could stop it very easily if he knew what the hell he was doing,” Trump told the crowd.

That is, “your governor could help me steal the election if he were as psychopathic as I am.”

It’s Trump’s one skill, knowing how to break the law.

He added: “For whatever reason your secretary of state and your governor are afraid of Stacey Abrams” – a reference to the former Democratic gubernatorial candidate, who is a staunch voting rights advocate and helped drive turnout in the election and secure the state for Biden.

And – pssst – is African-American and a woman. That was a very blatant double dog whistle.

Trump also made a number of bizarre and incoherent ad libs throughout his address, at one point professing: “I like cucumbers”.

At another point he boasted about non-existent “hydrosonic” missiles.

“Hypersonic missiles. We have hypersonic and hydrosonic. You know what hydrosonic is? Water,” he said.

Aaron Rupar remarked, “He’s talking about toothbrush missiles again.”

Eventually Trump gave the two Senate candidates he was supposed to be there to help a few minutes to speak. The crowd was “Meh.”

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