It is with great sadness that we demand your shunning

LGBT+ Labour has put out a stupid bullying “statement” on Labour MP Rosie Duffield who had the unmitigated temerity to say that it’s only women who have a cervix.

Solidarity, always, with our trans members, and the trans community, and the trans people, and trans individuals, and all trans people, and trans groups, and trans collectives, and each and every trans person, and all the trans people, and every single trans person, and have we said it enough ways yet?

But solidarity never with women. Fuck women; women are the enemy. Karens.

It is with great sadness that we have decided to put out this Statement on Rosie Duffield.

Solidarity, always, with our trans members, and the trans community.

LGBT+ Labour would like to express our deep disappointment in the actions of Rosie Duffield. We believe that her previous tweets and lack of apology is absolutely unacceptable.

Rosie Duffield’s initial comments which sparked concern claimed, “only women have a cervix”. This statement is very troubling as it ignores both trans men and numerous non-binary people’s existence. Many Labour activists, especially from the trans community, raised their anxieties over this exclusionary language and were met with hostility. With already rising levels of hatred towards the trans community, the bare minimum to expect from Labour MPs is full solidarity and support.

Furthermore, Rosie Duffield then shared a Spectator article that referred to the “trangender thought police” and described the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights as “authoritarian… petulant youngsters”. It is clear that this has contributed towards a situation where our party has become a space where trans and non-binary members do not feel as safe and protected as they should.

The cause for trans rights should be integral to the Labour Party, as the party of equality in our country. Trans rights are human rights, and are workers’ rights, and LGBT+ Labour will always defend our members.

We have spent the past few days reaching out to Rosie Duffield and her office to attempt to initiate steps towards an apology and reparations. Since we have approached Rosie Duffield, she has continued to like and share tweets from people known by the trans community as hostile to their rights. Unfortunately we have not reached a conclusion that our committee sees as an adequate response for her repeated actions.

We are deeply disappointed, and know that in order to regain trust in our party from the trans community, we must now publicly call on the leadership of the party to take measurable action on this situation. We will be writing to Keir Starmer on behalf of our members to ask for a response.

Solidarity, always, with our trans members, and the trans community.

These people are such sniveling sniffing creeping pointing whining demanding poking prodding oily creeps I wouldn’t want anything to do with a party that has them in it. If this is Putin’s work he’s a genius.

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