No support for his assertion

The Guardian on Barr’s corrupt campaign to protect Trump and punish anyone who tries to hold him to account:

William Barr has said without evidence that he believes the Russia investigation that shadowed Donald Trump for the first two years of his administration was started without any basis and amounted to an effort to “sabotage the presidency”, he said in an interview with Fox News Channel that aired on Thursday.

The attorney general offered no support for his assertion that the FBI lacked a basis for opening the investigation and made no mention of the fact that the bureau began its investigation after a Trump campaign adviser purported to have early knowledge that Russia had dirt on his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Plus this is the Attorney General making wild accusations about the FBI, for the sake of an ignorant incompetent corrupt bully who stole the presidency. Normally AGs and the FBI work together, being as how the FBI is a branch of the Justice Department and the AG is its head.

We know the reasons, in a sense; Barr is a very far-right ideologue and he will clearly do anything to hammer the far-right manacles closed on all of us. But still. I still can’t really grasp how functioning adults can tolerate Donald Trump for a single second, let alone work to consolidate his power.

“I think the president has every right to be frustrated, because I think what happened to him was one of the greatest travesties in American history,” Barr said in the interview with Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham.

Really? Up there with the acquittal of the guys who murdered Emmett Till? The framing of the Central Park 5 and the years they spent in prison? Slavery? The expropriation of all Native Americans? Mass incarceration?

The justice department’s inspector general found in a December report that the FBI was justified in opening the investigation to protect against a potential national security threat. It did not find any evidence that the decision to start the investigation was motivated by political bias.

Well Barr isn’t going to let a little thing like that stop him.

Barr has faced previous calls to step down after he was accused of politicizing the position of attorney general, “doing the president’s personal bidding” and damaging the reputation of the department for “integrity and the rule of law”.

So he’s doing that but even more, by way of thumbing his nose at us.

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