Again – closing polling places in counties where there are too many of those people.

Four of the 10 most populous counties in Georgia are reducing the number of locations where people can vote early in the state’s Senate runoff races, prompting outcry from civil rights and voting rights organizations.

And who lives in those counties? Shhhhh – it doesn’t do to say it out loud.

In Cobb County, the state’s third most populous county with more than 760,000 residents, election officials have announced five early voting locations, fewer than half of the 11 used for early voting ahead of last month’s general election.

Advocates warned that the reduction of early voting sites will particularly harm Black and Latino voters in the state by making it harder to access the polls.

Why, yes; that’s the goal.

“It’s deeply concerning,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said on MSNBC when asked about the reductions reported by NBC News. “Clearly there is an attempt to make it even more difficult in the state of Georgia to vote.”

The more difficult it is, the less likely Democrats are to win.

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