Respect the pronouns

From the police blotter:

Headline: Woman who ‘bragged about being a paedophile’ approached boys at Remembrance event

Subhead: Recently-released prisoner Leah Harvey showed ‘sheer arrogance’ by talking to the boys in front of police officers. She later approached two girls in a takeaway


Leah Harvey breached her sexual harm prevention order twice by approaching two boys at a Remembrance Day event and two girls working in a takeaway.

The second breach occurred between November 4 and November 26 and involved two teenage girls working at a takeaway in the Caerphilly area.

Ms Yeo [the prosecutor] said she went into the takeaway and made the girl feel “uncomfortable”.  

The defendant returned on November 22 and tried to talk to the girl, who ignored her. Harvey threw a piece of food at her.

And so on and so on, and a few days later she did it to a second girl.

Leah Harvey, formerly Joshua Harvey, 25, who is in HM Parc Prison in Bridgend, admitted two breaches of a sexual harm prevention order.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, formerly Joshua is it. Now they tell us. Over and over, sentence after sentence, most of the way through the story, they tell us a woman did all this, she she she did all this…and then finally, very late, they admit that this creepy guy is a creepy guy.

Muh pronouns! Muh right to be accepted for who I really am! Don’t deadname me! Don’t misgender me! Plus all those kids were just asking for it.

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