Rilly rocking

Jared Kushner thinks he’s a colleague of Anthony Fauci’s and fully qualified to tell us when it’s safe to stop social distancing.

Jared Kushner took a bullish stance on the coronavirus during a Fox News appearance on Wednesday morning.

The White House senior adviser and President Donald Trump’s son-in-law said the goal was to have much of the US “back to normal” by June and for the nation to be “really rocking again” by July.

He described the country as being “on the other side of the medical aspect of this,” despite cases mounting in rural states.

“The federal government rose to the challenge and this is a great success story,” Kushner said on “Fox & Friends.”

He’s a predatory landlord who married Trump’s daughter; he knows nothing about pandemics or contagion or medicine.

“I think you’ll see by June a lot of the country should be back to normal and the hope is that by July the country’s really rocking again,” Kushner added.

Of course that’s what the hope is. The hope is that the whole thing stops right this second. That has nothing to do with the reality.

“Somebody asked me why [testing] took so long,” Kushner said. “I actually said, you should look at how did we do this so quickly.

“The eternal-lockdown crowd can make jokes on late-night television, but the reality is that the data is on our side.”

Oh yes the eternal-lockdown crowd – we’re doing this because we want to, we’re doing it to spite Trump, we’re doing it for no reason except making jokes on late-night tv.

Go home, fake-Harvard boy.

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