Simply a false narrative

Bill Barr says it’s all fiction.

Attorney General Bill Barr denied Wednesday that there are “two justice systems” for Black and white people in the U.S., claiming in a wide-ranging interview on CNN that the idea that there is an “epidemic” of police shooting unarmed Black men is “simply a false narrative.”

How many would it take to be an epidemic? How many is too many? What’s the right number?

Barr acknowledged that there is a “widespread phenomenon” of Black men being treated with “extra suspicion” and “maybe not being given the benefit of the doubt” by police officers, but he denied that this is the product of “systemic racism.” A number of other Trump Cabinet officials and the president himself have denied that there is systemic racism in policing.

Gee, I would think that would be the definition of systemic racism. Does he think it’s haphazard racism? How would that work?

“I did say that I do think that there appears to be a phenomenon in the country where African Americans feel that they’re treated, when they’re stopped by police, frequently, as suspects before they are treated as citizens,” Barr said.

Weaselly piece of crap. That’s “I’m sorry you’re offended.” It’s not a phenomenon of how African Americans feel they are treated, it’s how they are treated.

William Barr doesn’t have to care about that, because it’s not going to take him or one of his kids.

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