They dominate the streets

So unidentified unidentifiable heavily armed soldiers are in the streets in Washington DC, the seat of the US government. Nothing to worry about there, for sure.

On Trump’s order, about 4,500 national guard troops from around the country were flown to Washington early this week, and a wide assortment of special units from the Bureau of Prisons, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the FBI and the US Marshal’s Service. 

In total, 7,600 soldiers and officers were deployed in Washington, including 1,700 active duty troops in reserve in bases around the capital, according to Bloomberg News.

7,600. That’s rather a lot.

Several of those units – including military police, United States park police and Secret Service – were involved in violent scenes on Tuesday when officers fired teargas and rubber bullets to clear peaceful protesters from outside the White House.

So that the pussy-grabber could walk up the road a piece and wave a bible around.

Since then, groups of uniformed officers in helmets and body armour – often without identifying insignia – have appeared in Washington, expanding a security perimeter around the White House into the city’s commercial district – and prompting questions about who was in control of the streets and the public right of way.

And why the capital city was being occupied by troops.

When reporters asked one group about their affiliation, an officer replied “DoJ”, the Department of Justice, but would not be more specific. All the federal law enforcement agencies deployed in Washington are reporting to the attorney general, William Barr, who has been the architect of the heavy military presence and who told state governors on Monday: “Law enforcement response is not going to work unless we dominate the streets.”

So the Attorney General can declare war on the citizens? I didn’t know that.

The presence of elite units such as the Green Berets has raised concern because of the symbolism of sending combat troops, and the unsuitability of their training for responding to protests.

And the fact that the government isn’t supposed to go to war with us. That’s a military takeover.

Other units sent on to Washington streets included the FBI’s hostage rescue team and prison riot control officers. The Bureau of Prisons director, Michael Carvajal, argued that federal prison guards were “often called upon to assist during crisis situations within our communities”. 

Are they? That’s bad news.

But Deborah Golden, a Washington lawyer specialising in prisoners’ rights said that correctional officers are trained in a completely different environment from public demonstrations. Protests are restricted in prisons and officers are entitled to use much greater force.

Golden said on Twitter: “They aren’t trained for the job they’ve been put in. And it’s a set up for disaster.”

We’re not prisoners and we’re not an invading army.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that the Pentagon had ordered to national guard units not to carry firearms, a decision made without consulting the White House. The president had wanted the soldiers to carry guns, in a show of force.

Of course he did, the chickenshit little pig. He wants to terrorize people who don’t agree with him George Floyd is having a great day.

The mayor underlined her defiance of the president by giving permission for the words “Black Lives Matter” to be painted in giant yellow letters on the road leading to the White House. The painting began in the early hours of Friday morning and was finished before noon.

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