Tough questions

Trump has done what he said he was going to do, and had the raw interview posted on Zoshal Meeja. It’s 37 minutes of stupid. I haven’t watched all of it yet; none of what I have watched is anything remotely unfamiliar. He brings out the same stock phrases and then repeats them 900 times. He translates everything Stahl asks into his own stock phrases which he answers with his own stock phrases – it becomes Trump interviewing Trump. At the end he indignantly repeats Stahl’s question, “Are you ready for tough questions?” over and over and each time he puts on a special “this is you” voice and face, which looks and sounds nothing like Leslie Stahl but conveys his brainless hostility and inability to act like an adult.

He’s very angry that Biden doesn’t get the same kind of tough questions. There’s an obvious reason for that – a reason other than “the media are all in bed with the far left.” The obvious reason is that Biden has never done anything even half as absurd or outrageous as the things Trump does all day every day. Even if you loathe Biden and the Democrats and Obama, that remains true. Biden doesn’t make a sarcastic face every time he repeats a journalist back to herself, Biden doesn’t tell 10 lies in every sentence, Biden doesn’t insult people every chance he gets, Biden doesn’t shove his tongue down Putin’s throat, Biden isn’t going to give all his relatives jobs in the White House, Biden didn’t fail disastrously to flatten the coronavirus curve, Biden isn’t a malignant narcissist who tries to destroy anyone who doesn’t flatter him enough…and so on. Trump gets tough questions because he’s a mind-blowingly terrible human being and he’s ruining the country. Biden is not in the same league.

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