Where that was important

Birx says Trump does wear a mask.

White House public health adviser Dr Deborah Birx is appearing on Fox News Sunday and according to Fox News Sunday, she says: “President Trump does wear a mask when he is unable to social distance from others.”

There’s one slight snag though: she also says she doesn’t actually know that, she just assumes it.

“I’m not with him every day and every moment so I don’t know if he can maintain social distance. I’ve asked everybody independently to really make sure you wear a mask if you can’t maintain the six feet,” Birx said.

“I’m assuming that in a majority of cases he’s able to maintain that six feet distance.”

And that he wears a mask the rest of the time, but since that’s the whole issue, assuming isn’t really apropos.

Pressed by host Chris Wallace if she felt Trump should be setting an example to the country by wearing one in public, Birx said: “The president did wear a mask while he was less than six feet… where that was important, while he was travelling last week.”

Whenever he was “less than six feet”? Or just for 30 seconds on one occasion and the rest of the time just breathing all over everyone? Facts this time, not assumptions.

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