Trump’s ambassador to the UK is also being investigated for saying sexist and racist shit. What a surprise.

Diplomats told investigators that Johnson made remarks — often casually bandied about — that they found deeply offensive and demoralizing, sources said.

In 2018, ahead of an event for Black History Month — commonly marked at US embassies around the world — Johnson appeared agitated and asked if the audience would be “a whole bunch of Black people,” according to one source.

Three sources said Johnson questioned why the Black community would want a separate month to celebrate Black history and argued that Black fathers didn’t remain with their families and that was the “real challenge.” One source said an official who heard the remarks was “stunned” and that the incident was documented and made known to both the OIG inspectors and a supervisor.

Four sources familiar with Johnson’s meetings told CNN the ambassador hosted official gatherings at a posh men’s-only club in London, the centuries-old, exclusive White’s. Eventually Johnson was told by another diplomat at the embassy in late 2018 that he had to stop holding those meetings, three of the sources said. None of the embassy’s female diplomats would have been able to attend.

Three sources said Johnson has described women in offensive and diminishing ways.

According to one source, at certain public events, Johnson would start his remarks by quipping about how many pretty women were present — reducing them to decorative objects in a way a source described as “just sort of cringeworthy.”

If you want somebody to explain to you why that kind of thing is cringeworthy, especially at work, there are plenty of us who can do that.

Two sources said the ambassador indicated he preferred working with women, but he suggested that was because women were cheaper and worked harder than men.

Hey, the same is true of slaves.

Those sources said that it was a struggle to get Johnson on board with an event for International Women’s Day, which is also widely commemorated at embassies worldwide. One source said he asked why he had to do “a feminist event.” However, that event did end up taking place.

A team at the embassy tried to get Johnson to do an event around gender-based violence in November 2017, this source said, to which the ambassador replied that he was not interested because he’s “not a woman.”

Ah yes, sir, but some people are.

Johnson’s way of operating and the language he used reflected the President’s deep distrust of the bureaucracy that supports the executive branch and serves administrations of both parties.

In other words Trump distrusts the professionals who know what they’re doing, and loves rich guys who know nothing and talk belittling crap about people they see as underlings. Awesome.

Johnson would say the embassy needed more Republicans in senior positions and described staff there as members of a so-called “Deep State,” one of the sources said.

Lukens, a career diplomat who served as the ambassador’s deputy chief of mission, told GQ Magazine in 2019 that after he praised former President Barack Obama for managing a delicate issue in the US relationship with Senegal in remarks to British students in the fall of 2018, Johnson summarily dismissed him.

Johnson accused Lukens of being “a traitor” because of the speech, two sources said, and his ouster was a hit on embassy morale.

He sounds like a real horror.

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