An oasis of freedom and disease

But it’s the holy holiday of Spring Break. You can’t expect people to obey rules about not spreading a lethal disease during Spring Break. That would be outright fascism, and also infallible proof of a Personality Disorder.

A state of emergency has been declared in the US city of Miami Beach over concerns large crowds gathering for spring break pose a coronavirus risk.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said thousands of tourists had brought “chaos and disorder” to the city.

“It feels like a rock concert, wall-to-wall people over blocks and blocks,” Mr Gelber told CNN. “If you’re coming here to go crazy, go somewhere else.”

No because this is the beach. It’s a human right to go to the beach for Spring Break.

On Sunday, the Miami Beach city commission voted to extend the curfew and other measures for up to three more weeks.

At an emergency meeting, Mayor Gelber told the commission South Beach had become “a tinder over the last couple of weeks”.

He said tourists had flooded into the city since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called the state an “oasis of freedom” from coronavirus restrictions late last month.

Freedom freedom freedom, and beach. America. Big Macs. Freedom freedom.

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