As Violence Erupts

CBS Los Angeles reports:

Unlawful Assembly Declared As Violence Erupts Over Trans Rights Outside Koreatown Spa

Ah yes, violence simply erupted, like a volcano. It wasn’t one set of protesters physically attacking another set, it was an eruption.

And the issue was trans rights. Not women’s rights and trans rights, or trans rights versus women’s rights, but just trans rights. Women’s rights don’t matter enough to mention. We’re bored with women and their pesky rights.

Violence broke out at dueling demonstrations over trans rights in front of a Koreatown spa Saturday, fueled by a viral video posted by a woman upset that a person with male genitalia who identified as female was allowed to disrobe in the spa’s women’s section.

The demonstrations weren’t dueling though. One side was violent and the other wasn’t.

“I think we should let people live their lives, and let trans people live their lives how they want to,” Marie Dumouch, a demonstrator for trans rights told CBSLA’s Rick Montanez.

Of course we should, except when how they want to live their lives impinges on the lives of others. That’s the issue here. Obviously.

Video from the scene showed the trans rights supports clad in black assaulting protesters from the other side, spraying them with an unidentified substance, pushing them, punching them and demanding that they leave the area.

The protesters from “the other side” had done none of that.

Several of the black-clad demonstrators could be heard cursing at the protesters to “get the [fuck] out.”

One man in a blue T-shirt that said “Obey Jesus” was sprayed with something from a can. A few seconds later, a handful of trans rights supporters grabbed a large sign that said “God Does Not Make Mistakes” out of the hands of two protesters. Someone lightly shoved the man in the blue shirt in the back. He then lightly shoved a woman clad in black and was set upon by a group of men, who punched him and hit him twice in the head with a skateboard.

They followed the wounded man down a sidewalk taunting him to fight back until he reached the safety of a police officer.

I guess the police officer was just standing there watching.

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