Being smart

Why did Texas’s power supply fall over as the temperatures plunged way below freezing? It was nothing to do with the Green New Deal, as fools have been claiming. Texas has its very own electrical grid.

The U.S. has three power grids: one covers the eastern U.S., another the western states and the Texas grid covers nearly the entire state.

It’s the LONE STAR state, see, it has to do everything itsown self.

“Utilities in Texas were smart and made an agreement that no one was going to extend power outside of Texas,” Donna Nelson, who served as chair of the state Public Utility Commission, which oversees ERCOT, from 2008 to 2017, said in an ERCOT promotional video about the history of the grid

“By eschewing transmission across state lines, the Texas utilities retained freedom,” Richard D. Cudahy wrote in a 1995 article. “This policy of isolation avoided regulation by the newly created Federal Power Commission, whose jurisdiction was limited to utilities operating in interstate commerce.”

No regulation! Freedom! Yayyyyyyy!

May be an image of map and text that says 'The eason Texans don't have power is because the Texas GOP running the state refused to join the national power grid system to dodge regulations and avoid taxes. People are dying because power can't be simply redirected from other states. EASTERN INTERCONNECTION WESTERN INTERCONNECTION ELECTRICITY RELIABILITY COUNCIL OF TEXAS INTERCONNECTION Texas relies 88% on coal and natural gas, yet they are trying to blame their current problems on renewables/Green New Deal. Deregulation and greed are the problem.'

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