“Do you know who I am?”

A male ego so bloated it blocks out the sun women.

A woman says she doesn’t want a male gynecologist; a man (who is an actor) says “You know I played a male midwife, right?”

Oh sir, I’m so sorry sir, I said a thing without taking into account your expertise on the subject of women not wanting a man poking around between their legs. How could I have been so rude? Of course performing a scripted role as a midwife is exactly equivalent to training and work as a midwife, and how dare I say anything about it to you with your vastly greater experience and education.

But seriously – David Paisley isn’t 3. He’s more than old enough to know that there are such things as predatory men, and that some of them are doctors, and some of those are gynecologists. He should be able to see the difficulty, and acknowledge it, and back off, but instead he pulls non-existent rank and then waves away the existence of male gynecologists who assault their patients.

It’s not comparing, it’s saying that some of them are, and as with trans women in prisons and shelters and rape crisis centers, we can’t know who is which, so we take the reasonable precautions. A decent human being would understand that. Paisley is indecent.

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