Evening out

Hey it was just rough sex, rough open-air sex, don’t kink-shame.

A teenager who killed an underage schoolgirl after buying her drink and abandoning her at a city beauty spot on a winter’s night was jailed today.

Ewan Fulton bit Mhari O’Neill on her breast and throttled her before leaving her in an intoxicated state on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill where her body was found by a dog walker.

Kink-shaming. So he choked her, so he bit her on the breast – so what? She probably loved it! Or was too drunk to notice. It’s nobody else’s business what kinksters get up to in the privacy of their own – er, in the privacy of Calton Hill.

I’ve been to Calton Hill. I expect everyone who’s ever set foot in Edinburgh has. It’s this big lump in the middle of the city, from which you can get a great view. It’s not quite the same thing as a discreet hotel room, with heating and duvets and desk clerks who call the police if some guy tries to take a drunk 15-year-old to a room.

He knew it was freezing cold. He bought a large bottle of vodka before heading up the hill with her.

Mr Prentice said that pathologists had decided that on balance they considered that hypothermia, with intoxication, was the most probable mechanism of the Portobello High School pupil’s death.

Probably so. You pour half a large bottle of vodka down a 15-year-old’s throat and take most of her clothes off and choke her and then leave her there on a cold night, she’s likely to die of hypothermia.

Fulton, now aged 20, admitted killing Miss O’Neill, who died on December 7 or 8 in 2018, when he appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh today.

He took part in sexual activity with the schoolgirl and bit her breasts and compressed her neck and culpably and recklessly endangered her health and life and exposed her to risk of injury and death.

He provided her with alcohol which resulted in her becoming intoxicated and incapable of looking after herself.

Kink, though.

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