Guest post: Holding sparklers and dancing the Can-can

Originally a comment by Sastra on To promote well-being.

Phoenix has regular counselling with the psychologist, who judges that Phoenix’s distress is significant and enduring, and is not a symptom of an underlying psychopathology.

No, it appears that the psychopathology is draped right over the top, holding sparklers and dancing the Can-can.

I remember when the goal of enlightened feminism was for women, and the society they lived in, to minimize the significance of their sex and emphasize instead the importance of their character.. Yes, you are a woman, but that says little to nothing about your interests, capacities, talents, and goals, which constitute who you are. To constantly worry about whether you are WOMAN ENOUGH in the way WOMEN SHOULD BE was unhealthy. That’s a restrictive box. Be yourself.

Yet here is Phoenix, barely able to function if they don’t get into the RIGHT BOX and look the RIGHT WAY and get the rest of the world’s approval and recognition that they’re doing it RIGHT so they can finally relax and maybe start to think about developing a personality. Assuming there’s any room left for one.

“Tell us 5 interesting things about yourself.”

“1.) I’m nonbinary 2.) I need to look nonbinary 3.) This is all I think about 4.) The distress is significant and enduring 5.) nonbinary means neither male nor female, but not in a intersex way, more like being neither describes my personality.”

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