Guest post: Some sort of “All Access” pass

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Just like.

What a vast amount of time and attention and energy people are squandering on this absurd caricature of social justice, when they could be doing something useful.

The fact that women are forced to respond to this bullshit when they could be directing their efforts towards other necessary projects instead of having to fight rearguard actions to protect rights they thought they’d won already. Just like firefighters, whose job is already difficult and dangerous enough without the added distraction of false alarms and arson.

Or, to put it in a cruder way, TRAs are pissed off at campaigns against genital mutilation because that’s how you get trans people.

I think there’s more to it than that. I think that TAs cannot allow women to have anything for themselves. Third space bathroom provisions are not good enough. It’s access to female toilets or nothing. Rape and abuse shelters launched and run by and for women are expected to include TIMs. Again, no third space option is deemed acceptable. Why do the hard work of actually building up resources and institutions when you can force your way into those created by people whose identity you are now appropriating? Agreeing to a space for trans needs means admitting that TIMs are not actually women, and even though they are not, “forcing” them to admit this reality is apparently a non-starter. TIMs are to be “centered” in anything intended for women, or the righteous wrath of the woke is unleashed. Even LGB is not allowed to organize without the “T,” as such exclusion is “transphobic.” TIMs act as if they posess some sort of “All Access” pass that entitles them to glom onto whatever organization or entity that suits their fancy, demanding not only admittance, but redirection of the group’s mission to prioritize their needs above anyone elses’s, even at the expense ot that organization’s original base and target demographic (Hello Stonewall!). Resistance is Transphobic Violence.TIMs are not to be excluded by anyone from anything.

Ironically, it’s gender critical feminists in the UK, fighting the changes to the definition of “sex” being introduced to the Census, who are pointing out that the way this is being done will result in a loss of vitally important information that would be useful to the trans community. By making it impossible to tell how many trans people there are, it is impossible to track how they are faring when it comes to discrimination, employment, medical care, housing, etc. The pressure group that has succesfully orchestrated this back-room change in how the sex question is being asked, either did not think this through, or thought that being able to tick a box on the census offers is just too big a hit of “validation” and “affirmation” for AGPs to resist. Again, “inclusion” above all. This scorched earth policy of insisting on the primacy of validation, confirmation, and forcing others to share in their fantasy results in the rejection of genuine solutions that would actually benefit the health, safety, and well-being of trans people.

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