How about free foot-binding?

Utopia at last: free binders and packers for the people.

Trans students in Edinburgh are being offered free prosthetic breasts and “packers” that help give the appearance of having a penis.

Edinburgh University’s students’ association (EUSA) is paying for “gender-empowering” items that also include breast-binders and compression underwear to hide male genitalia.

“Gender-empowering”? What does that even mean?

For Women Scotland, the women’s rights group, said it was “horrified” to learn about the programme.

It said: “Breast-binding is a dangerous and regressive practice that destroys healthy tissue and causes breathing problems and damage to the ribcage. It restricts young women’s capacity to participate in normal activities and if done for long periods will cause permanent damage.”

But in exchange the young women are “gender-empowered.” Well worth it, I’m sure.

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