It’s a huge honour for him

Please, CBC, tell us more about this insulting and offensive move.

A transgender woman in Prince Edward Island has been invited to speak at a Montreal Massacre memorial service being held today by the P.E.I. Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

Monday marks 32 years since 14 women were killed at École Polytechnique.

Since 14 women were killed for being women, by a man who said that was why they were being killed. It was an explicitly, avowedly misogynist massacre of women.

“I was deeply touched,” said Anastasia Preston. “It is a huge honour for myself and it’s a huge honour as a trans woman to be included in an event like this.”

But there shouldn’t be “honour” given to a man on an occasion to mark the woman-hating massacre of 14 women. Preston shouldn’t be “touched,” he should be appalled. The event is not about him and it’s not about trans women.

“For decades, trans women have been kept out of the conversation around gender-based violence.”

No not “gender-based violence” you clueless fuckhead, woman-hating violence. Of course that conversation is about women and not men who call themselves women. Of course it is. It’s not a privilege to be massacred with your classmates you know. A memorial for the massacred women doesn’t need to be “inclusive” of men who want to intrude.

Government data does not have accurate records of the number of transgender women murdered in gender-based violence, Preston said. 

Fuck off. This one is about women.

During Monday’s event, Preston said she will speak about some of her experiences of harassment on P.E.I. She hopes her stories can raise awareness.

Oh jesus. He actually is going to change the subject. He actually is going to make it about him and his kink. It’s beyond disgusting, into a whole new territory without adjectives to name it.

There are four more paragraphs in which he talks about himself and his red dress and being groped.

Words fail me.

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