Monopolizing menstruation

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Menstruation Beyond the Binary.

Oh goody I cannot wait. I am so sick of those selfish bitches – women – keeping menstruation all for themselves. There’s no privilege like cramps privilege! Feeling that uterus contract to expel the sludge is just the best damn thing, second only to the sheer fun of catching the sludge and then disposing of it without attracting attention or flies or anything else untoward.

You think I’m joking. No such luck. It’s two days from now.

The gendering of menstruation needs to stop, periodt.

I don’t know if “periodt” is a typo or some new bit of gender-special jargon, like the asterisk.

Anyway yeah, the gendering of menstruation needs to stop, and so does the gendering of testicles, and the gendering of lactation, and the gendering of who gets pregnant and who impregnates, and the gendering of who does the work of pushing the baby out of a small opening in the body.

Are your experiences being sidelined due to the language around menstruation? Or do you want to learn more about this issue? Organised by UMSU Women, Menstruation Beyond the Binary is a workshop to share and learn, with snacks provided!

Well, are they??? Are your experiences of menstruation being sidelined by people who have the colossal fucking nerve to talk about it as something that female people, and female people only, do? Well come on ahead to our meeting where we explain that men can totally menstruate, and have some tortilla chips and Tang!

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