Now seeking transfer

First, a news item from the Toronto Star August 21 [warning: graphic violence]:

Rhoderie Estrada went to sleep likely around 10 p.m. after folding laundry, watching Korean dramas and putting her three young daughters to bed in their two-storey East York home.

In the early hours of May 26, 2018, her husband came home to a nightmare — Estrada lying bloodied on their bed with head injuries too severe for him to perform CPR.

Now, after five days of deliberations, a jury has found Yostin Murillo and David Beak guilty of the first-degree murder and sexual assault of Estrada, a 41-year-old long-time dialysis nurse at St. Joseph’s hospital who adored — and was fiercely protective — of her children.

Fast forward to September 28:

One of a duo convicted of bludgeoning a woman to death after breaking and entering her home, robbing and raping her is now seeking transfer to a women’s prison. Fearing the inmate’s pattern of repeat violent criminality may be a barrier, transgender activists are protesting as discriminatory a clause in the prison policy that allows male convicts to be denied transfer to women’s prison if deemed a health or security risk.

Yes because obviously the tender feelings of a man who raped and beat a woman to death are far more important than the fears of women who will be forced to share prison space with him.

Also obviously he’s definitely sincere about Feeling Like A Woman Inside and not at all using the policy of putting men in women’s prisons if they say they are trans as a way to get away from other men and at vulnerable women.

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