Picture this

Gender studies=threats of violence against women? Who knew?!

“If TERFs think trans* is an endemic threat to feminism, let us be the threat to feminism…

Picture this: I hold a knife to your throat and spit my transness into your ear. Does that turn you on? Are you scared? I sure fucking hope so.”


He’s a student taking the MSc in Gender (Sexuality) at the London School of Economics and Political Science, aka LSE.

The quote comes at the end of his paper entitled “Trans* Endemics: Embodying Viral and Monstrous Threat in Times of Pandemic”, presented at a conference (held in April 2021) for the course on Transnational Sexual Politics, taught by Dr Jacob Breslow and Professor Clare Hemmings. The session was called “No Time, No TERFs, No Norms”.

To be fair, one can argue that it’s a metaphor as opposed to a literal threat…but on the other hand we get accused of literal phobia and violence for making reasoned arguments, so I’m not sure the onus is on us to give the benefit of the doubt.

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