Platforming the bully

Wadhwa continues his attack on women’s rights:

Women who oppose plans to make it easier to change gender have given a platform to “fascists who want to eliminate trans people”, according to the head of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.

Bad lede. We don’t care about changing gender, what we oppose is the absurd dogma that people can change sex, and we oppose that because it results in outrages like domineering male Mridul Wadhwa becoming the head of a rape crisis centre, where he can bully women into obeying him or simply kick them out altogether.

Mridul Wadhwa, 43, a trans woman who was appointed chief executive in May, accused those protesting against the Gender Recognition Reform Bill of legitimising far-right discrimination of trans people.

Wadhwa is a man and thus the wrong sex to be head of a rape crisis centre. It doesn’t matter what he “accuses” us of or what he thinks we give a “platform” to; what matters is that he’s a man who has the fucking gall to go after and get and occupy a job as head of a rape crisis centre.

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