The manly men


There’s a lot to wonder about in that passage, but I’m wondering what he means by “men with high testosterone levels.”

I guess he means particularly aggressive, violent, unthinking men?

I can see where men like that might tend to be hostile to vaccinations once they were alerted to The Resistance, but I don’t see where free thinkers come in.

No I guess I do, really – they come in through the door marked “Flatter Yourself.” They’ve opted to think it’s top-notch skepticism and independence of mind to decide vaccination is bad based on what they saw on Facebook the other day.

Christians though? What does religion have to do with it? Is that just because of the fuss about temporarily closing churches to stop the spread?

Probably. It’s all as feeble as a kitten on Zolpidem. It’s What Our Tribe thinks as opposed to what that stupid tribe that seeks out expert advice thinks. Go team.

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