The p-word

On a BBC story:

GirlsDoPorn victims win rights to their videos

Hundreds of people tricked into making explicit videos for porn websites have been awarded the rights to the videos and millions of dollars in damages.

Hundreds of people? Wasn’t that scam perpetrated on women? It’s not PeopleDoPorn it’s GIRLSDoPorn.

The sites, GirlsDoPorn and GirlsDoToys, had been the subject of a long-running legal battle.

The US Department of Justice has ruled that rights to videos and images produced by the now-defunct sites belong to the women.

More than 400 victims can now ask for the online footage to be removed.

They belong to the women, so it’s women, so why people? Has the BBC or at least some of its staff developed a reflexive caution around the word “women” as if it’s tainted, suspect, to be avoided, or at least diluted with random substitutions of “people”?

But the fact that it’s women is of course the core of the story – men do this to women.

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