The prioritisation of the feelings of the chattering classes

So it is. Well spotted.

And even the “feelings” of said chattering classes aren’t that important. The feelings are seven or eight times removed. It’s not really any skin off the ass of the chattering classes if men in prison don’t get to pretend to be women in order to be housed in the women’s prison. It’s a political “feeling” of sorts, but not the kind we should feel either compassion for or solidarity with. It’s a feeling of fabricated and exaggerated “caring” about men who identify as women coupled with a brutal indifference to women. It’s not like the feeling of compassion for and solidarity with starving refugees fleeing violence in Nigeria or El Salvador, or for workers trying to unionize meatpacking plants in Wisconsin, or for women beaten and tortured and murdered in Afghanistan. It’s sentimental exaggerated “concern” for men in rich countries who want to pretend to be women.

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