To atone for the heresy

Greg Sargent at the Post notes the determination of the Republicans to enforce evil on all of its foot soldiers via the example of Georgia governor Brian Kemp.

Kemp’s travails are detailed in a great new piece in the New York Times. It examines Kemp’s frantic efforts to atone for the heresy of refusing to help then-President Donald Trump overturn his Georgia loss, and then defending the loss as a legitimate outcome.

That is, the heresy of refusing to help Donald Trump break a bunch of laws in order to steal the election.

The central revelation is that Kemp sees his advocacy for Georgia’s new voting law as a way to win back GOP voters still fuming over his betrayal of Trump. Crucially, it’s the law’s new limits on voting — ones targeted at African American voters — that will make this happen.

Which we’ve known all along. It was never subtle.

Now behold how frantically Kemp is working to make amends with those GOP voters:

Since signing the bill into law on March 25, Mr. Kemp has done roughly 50 interviews, 14 with Fox News, promoting the new restrictions with messaging that aligns with Mr. Trump’s baseless claims that the election was rigged against him.

Amusingly, it was left to Trump to unmask the game. Far from being satiated by Kemp’s efforts, Trump issued a statement ripping the governor for not doing still more to restrict voting. Trump claimed to want more “ballot integrity,” but as Brian Beutler notes, his statement explicitly defines “ballot integrity” as restricting modes of voting employed by Democrats.

Kemp could have just ignored Trump’s squawks, but I guess the charisma was simply too much for him.

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