Vote for the guy who abuses women

News from Hartlepool:

A registered sex offender has been confirmed as a candidate in the upcoming Hartlepool by-elections.

Christopher Killick, who is on the ballot for the May 6 vote, was sentenced for voyeurism last year for filming a naked woman in a hotel room while she was asleep.

“Sex offender” doesn’t even cover it. That offends privacy, safety, women’s ability to leave the house and exist in public space, the ability to feel like a person among other persons – it turns a woman into a masturbation prop for men, a thing, an object, a tool. It’s funny how the purported feelings of men who say they are women are all-important while the unavoidable feelings of violated women are worth nothing at all.

Police dropped the rape charge due to a lack of evidence, but during their investigation they discovered a 62-second video of the woman lying naked on the hotel bed which Killick admitted to having taken for his later sexual gratification.

Prosecutors told the victim that his filming was not illegal multiple times, which led to her crowdfunding for a judicial review.

Asked whether he intended to tell the electorate about his convictions, he said: “I started this process planning to tell everyone, but I got a bit frightened.

“I do understand how it will be difficult for some people, perhaps everyone, to trust me.”

Especially when they learn that he tried to campaign for this office while keeping his disgusting violation of a woman’s privacy and safety secret.

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