We’re allowed to say no

Trans identifying Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir is shocked shocked that anyone thinks people have a right to say that men are not women.

Last week a court in the UK heard an appeal from a tax researcher called Maya Forstater who lost an employment tribunal in 2019 – she was sacked after tweeting that transgender women can’t change their biological sex.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) saw reason to intervene. In my view it is bizarre that they found it important to speak up for someone who clearly holds hostile views towards a vulnerable minority. 

It’s not “hostile” to say that men are not women. It’s also not a mere “view” that men are not women. It’s a fantasy, and a silly one at that, that people can become the other sex. People can’t become tables or goats or jumbo jets, and it’s not hostile to say that. People can’t become wizards or ghosts or time-travelers, and it’s not hostile to say that.

And I’m becoming less and less able to believe that trans people are really a “vulnerable minority.” I think it’s more that they’re an entitled demanding aggressive minority.

The EHRC assert that they protect people from discrimination, even if their beliefs might be controversial or offensive — but do say this does not include extreme beliefs such as ‘a belief in racial superiority’. 

I honestly find it quite shocking that the EHRC would intervene and suggest that ‘gender critical’ views should be protected beliefs that aren’t extreme — because ‘gender critical’ beliefs are in my mind the exact definition of extreme views. As the judge said in the original tribunal, they ‘are not worthy of respect in a democratic society.‘

Yes but the judge was wrong, and rather horribly wrong at that. It’s not “extreme” to think and say that men are not women – it’s central to the meaning of the word “men” that it excludes women, and vice versa. Humans are female and male, and the one is not the other.

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Like that. Many species have female and male, and humans are one such species.

The whole foundation of being ‘gender critical’ is to be vehemently against the right of trans people to participate equally in society as their gender, whether that is socially or legally. The ideology centres first and foremost on the exclusion of trans people and renunciation of everything they are.

No it isn’t. He certainly does tell a lot of lies, doesn’t he. Maybe it’s because he’s so vulnerable and minor? “Vehemence” has nothing to do with anything, and the point of the gender critical position is to say no to men who try to take prizes and institutions and jobs and facilities that are reserved for women. We have a right to refuse to share those. Men don’t have a right to force us to share them.

At the heart of ‘gender critical’ views is the repeated claim that ‘sex cannot be changed’ – which certainly isn’t being stated as a neutral or objective observation or fact by them. It is said to be deliberately offensive and disrespectful to trans people.

No, that’s back to front. We say it because it’s true. The fact that some trans people fly into a rage when we say it is not our fault, and it’s certainly not a reason for us to stop saying it. Our stuff is our stuff, which it’s taken us thousands of years to get, and no we don’t have to share it. Sharing it would be a betrayal of all the women who helped us get it.

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