Whose words

Nolan Investigates Stonewall is now available In Your Area so I’m listening. It starts with how can the BBC possibly claim to be impartial when it’s part of the Stonewall Says We’re Awesome scheme? Will it move down the league table because of this podcast?

And then a very important question: is the language they use when reporting on trans issues BBC language or Stonewall language?

Aha, thought I. Stonewall language. That’s why we keep seeing these stupid platitudes with their stupid wording. Of course it is. That’s why people keep babbling about “trans rights” without ever explaining what rights trans people have that the rest of us don’t. That’s why there’s all this Most Oppressed Most Marginalized Most Excluded hyperbole even though it is such bullshit. It’s all Stonewall Language.

I just saw someone I used to respect, tweeting about the guy whose daughter was (allegedly) raped at her school, calling him “anti-trans.” How is he anti-trans??? Because he wants his daughter’s school not to pretend her rape didn’t happen? Because he said the boy was wearing a skirt? Is he supposed to just accept his daughter’s rape? Does that hold even if the boy isn’t trans at all but just exploiting the new toilet rules?

Stonewall Language. A pox on it.

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